On January 29, 2021, VetSynova Co., Ltd. provided disinfection services using Dermodacyn, a high-level hospital-grade disinfectant solution, at Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Bangkhen. The service included spraying to eliminate COVID-19, bacteria, viruses, fungi, tuberculosis, and spores. They also donated Dermodacyn Disinfecting Solution products valued at over 30,000 baht.

The disinfection was performed using the Victory Innovation electrostatic sprayer, the world’s first of its kind, which ensures better adherence to surfaces and effective disinfection without dispersing pathogens into the air.

The company conducted microbial load tests before and after the disinfection. The results showed a significant reduction in microbial presence by over 95%, bringing it down to levels classified as Ultra Clean Sterilized Surface.
These tests were conducted using the Hygiena SystemSure and UltraSnap Surface ATP Test.