Wondering why your dog at home frequently chews on your shoes,
no matter how much you scold them?
Today, I’ve got some insights from pet behavior experts that will help solve this mystery for owners.
Experts say the main reason dogs like to chew on shoes is that their greatest desire is to be close to their owners, and shoes carry the owner’s scent.
Just walking by leaves a strong scent on the shoes, so it’s no surprise that your dog wants to sniff and nibble on them. Sometimes they get carried away, resulting in your favorite shoes getting destroyed.
When the owner discovers this, they often scold or hit the dog, causing the dog to become very scared and run away.
However, experts confirm that deep down, dogs feel guilty and remorseful after chewing on the shoes.

Therefore, pet behavior experts recommend three ways to stop your dog from chewing on shoes for good:

  1. Find activities to alleviate loneliness: After coming home, take your dog out for a run to relieve stress and build a strong bond between you and your pet. When you’re not home, provide toys like fake bones or chewable treats.
  2. Keep temptations out of reach: The simplest method is to store your shoes in a closet or somewhere your pet can’t see or access them.
  3. Use natural products to stop pet behavior: Use sprays designed to prevent chewing. Spray these directly onto surfaces, such as floors, tables, sofas, or shoes. This will effectively and permanently stop your dog’s chewing behavior.