💜Did you know? Gentian violet, or Gentianiolett, 💜 was originally produced for industrial chemical use and dyeing in laboratories.
However, it was discovered that this substance has properties that can kill certain types of fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Therefore, it has been applied to humans to treat skin and oral infections.

Due to its easy availability and the belief that if it can treat humans, it can treat dogs and cats as well, 🤔
many people commonly use gentian violet to treat their pets.

But did you know? Currently, in some countries, there are regulations banning the use of gentian violet in animals because tests have confirmed that gentian violet can be carcinogenic in various organs of the body.😱

Tests conducted by RCHAB in Canada and safety data from MERCK in Germany have shown that gentian violet
⚠ can be harmful when ingested, causing nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches, dizziness,
⚠ severe eye irritation
⚠ skin irritation
⚠ and can potentially cause cancer in various organs (in laboratory mice).
⚠ It is acutely toxic and environmentally hazardous to aquatic life.

📌 Therefore, stop using gentian violet and turn to proper and safe treatment for your dogs and cats.

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