VetSynova Co., Ltd. has partnered with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Kasetsart University to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the research and development of innovative therapeutic pet food products under the brand DeliSci, which stands for “Delicious and Science.” The concept is “When Delicious & Science Meet in Perfect Harmony.”

The first product released is DeliSci Excella, a pet food designed to provide complete nutrition, ideal for rehabilitating sick, malnourished pets and those recovering post-surgery. This product offers high energy and quality nutrients necessary for recovery.

Key Features of DeliSci Excella: Excellent for Recovery High Energy: Provides the highest energy content in the market, over 1,236.8 kcal/kg. Human-Grade Ingredients: Uses top-quality ingredients, free from animal by-products, ensuring 99.5% protein digestibility. Complete Nutrition: Balanced protein and fat with low carbohydrates, suitable for recovering pets and preventing Refeeding Syndrome. Innovative Additives: Includes patented, award-winning Thai innovations. Ease of Use: Soft mousse texture that can be administered via syringe or feeding tube, with a highly appealing aroma and taste. Statements from Key Figures

Dr. Manaitorn Sereebutr, CEO and Co-founder of VetSynova Co., Ltd., emphasized the importance of pet nutrition, especially for sick animals, and expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in developing specialized formulas.

Currently, there are only a few companies in Thailand that produce therapeutic pet food. Although there are many brands abroad, only a few invest in research. We have identified areas for improvement and the potential to develop unique formulas.

Thailand is a global food hub, not just for humans but for animals as well. We have excellent food sources, a strong team of researchers, highly skilled veterinarians and faculty, and world-class food production facilities. So why can’t we produce high-quality therapeutic pet food?

Assistant Professor Dr. Kongsak Thiengtam, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University, highlighted the significance of this partnership in transforming academic research into practical, commercial products that benefit the nation.

Assistant Professor Dr. Attawit Kowitwathin, Director of the Veterinary Research and Academic Services Center and Assistant Dean for Research at Kasetsart University, explained the rigorous clinical trials conducted and the ongoing development of new, specialized formulas.

Mr. Nuttachai Janngeun, Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder of VetSynova Co., Ltd., emphasized the company’s heavy investment in research and development, contributing to their innovative and high-quality product offerings.

Mr. Kittichai Kamphanon, Managing Director and Co-founder of VetSynova Co., Ltd., reiterated the company’s vision to enhance the quality of life for pets and humans through veterinary innovations, with aspirations to become a global leader in the pet care industry and plans for an IPO by 2025.

About VetSynova VetSynova Co., Ltd. stands for Veterinary Synergistic Innovation. The company leads in pet products, pharmaceuticals, food, and supplements, boasting remarkable growth.

In 2021, the company experienced a 1000% sales increase, solidifying its status as a “10x Company.” VetSynova’s flagship product, VF+CORE, addresses common issues with traditional pet supplements by offering a cat-friendly, easy-to-administer formula. Another key product, MicrocynAH, is the leading hypochlorous acid solution for wound care, skin, and oral health.

Conclusion This collaboration marks a significant advancement in Thailand’s pet food and veterinary pharmaceutical sectors, promising continued innovation and growth.

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