🐰 Do you know that watery eyes in rabbits don’t necessarily mean they’re sad? Rather, it often occurs due to two main reasons:

1⃣ Blocked tear ducts, which can result from:
🔹Bacterial infections complicating the situation or caused by misaligned teeth pressing on the tear ducts, leading to inflammation.
🔹Swelling of the tissues surrounding the tear ducts due to infectious diseases like sinusitis or conjunctivitis.
🔹Inflammation of the tear ducts due to trauma from impact on the upper jawbone or compression from abnormal tissue growth around the upper jawbone.

2⃣ Excessive tear production, which can be caused by:
🔹Irritation resulting from bacterial infections complicating upper respiratory tract issues, leading to various allergic symptoms and increased tear production.
🔹Foreign objects entering the eyes causing eye irritation.
🔹Injuries to the cornea.
🔹Or others.

When rabbits show abnormal symptoms, it’s important to promptly consult a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment, such as eye staining to examine corneal injuries, radiography to assess tooth root and jawbone conditions, etc. Severe cases may lead to blindness if left untreated.😥

👨‍⚕ Treatment will depend on the underlying cause, including flushing the tear ducts along with the use of antibiotics in oral and eye drop forms to relieve inflammation, treating misaligned teeth, excising abnormal tissue growth, etc.

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